No more clipboards for lock checks, spreadsheets for work orders and checklists for scheduled tasks. No more wasting time documenting, tracking and coordinating property activity.

Transform your company’s field management, property operations and communications into a truly mobile experience. Work smarter, save time, and maximize work flow.

”eTRACKER is revolutionary, it removes the need for paper task lists. And I love the scan feature. It’s awesome to be able to look up a unit while I’m out on the property. There are so many features that make eTRACKER great for storage”
— Lindsay Matthews, Facility Manger, Urban Self Storage


Managers scan units’ barcodes during lock checks, easily update eTRACKER’s unit “field status” 

Management’s facility audits include an eTRACKER HQ report on units with conflicting statuses.


Managers or maintenance staff easily report critical maintenance issues with photos & notes

Management is automatically alerted via email and can view details & photos


Managers are automatically alerted on a periodic basis to facility-based repetitive tasks

Management & managers monitor progress & are alerted if anything remains incomplete


During line sale preparation, managers follow customized steps using date stamped photos of lock cutting & documented inventory for a digital record

Management monitors progress, approves units for lien sale and retains a historical digital record of all auction related activity


eTRACKER’s cloud-based HQ software, which is fully customizable and can integrate with your management software, automatically stores and centralizes your properties’ data

This shared-solutions network can allow management to remotely monitor pending tasks, review pictures for proof of accomplishment, approve units for auction, review real-time lock status during audits, review staff productivity and leverage data for smarter decision making