Our Story

eTRACKER LLC is jointly owned by Bargold Software Solutions, located in Manhattan, NY and G&D&A Hunter LLC in Oakland, CA.

Josh Goldman, the President of Bargold Storage Systems, has been involved with the self storage industry for over two decades.

His approach to self storage is unique in that it does not utilize any permanent on site personnel; depending upon “roving” field representatives instead. In order to be able to manage these remote employees, he developed his own software system, the precursor to eTRACKER Software. Leveraging this technology, he has grown from 5,000 storage units to 16,000 units at over 1500 separate locations ...all with minimal increase in staffing.

In 2007, Josh approached Glenn Hunter, Founder and President of DOMICO Software; a company with a 30+ year track record of providing quality management and accounting software to the self storage market. Glenn and Josh spent several years further developing the original Bargold eTRACKER Software. They created eTRACKER LLC in late 2010 and then brought on Adrian Hunter to lead the new venture.

Chris Thompson joined the team as EVP to oversee rolling out the technology to new markets beyond self storage, with an eye towards Commercial Real Estate. Chris has successfully leveraged his background in commercial real estate, having spent 6+ years with the Sequoia Group in Newport Beach, CA.

eTRACKER is presently being used to manage hundreds of self storage, office, retail, industrial and residential properties throughout the U.S.

 Leveraging the eTRACKER technology, Josh grew from
5,000 units to 16,000 units with minimal increase in staff.

“eTRACKER has made it possible for us to manage 100+ properties all from one location. And now we really know what is going on!”
— Natalie Booker, Storage Express, IN